The SS-Ehrendegen or SS Honour Sword or SS-Degen was the dress sword. And attached itself as an appendage to the SS uniform between 1935 and 1945. Karl Diebitsch, the personal artistic consultant to the SS chief, created the sword to convey the essence of the SS organization.

Characteristics of the SS-Ehrendegen

Characteristics of the SS-Ehrendegen

The SS-Ehrendegen featured a long, thin straight blade, varying in length to suit the wearer’s height. They designed its blade for ceremonial use rather than combat, emphasizing its symbolic role within the SS. The hilt of the sword was particularly distinctive, with a D-shaped knuckle-bow (fingerguard) that provided both ornamental flair and functional hand protection. They wrapped the grip in ribbed black wooden material, bound it with silver wire, and adorned it with an inset disc featuring the SS lightning-bolt runes, symbolizing loyalty and allegiance to the SS ideology.

They painted the scabbard of the SS-Ehrendegen in black enamel. A stark contrast to the gleaming silvered mounts at the top (locket) and bottom (chape). They intricately designed these mounts to enhance the sword’s ceremonial appearance, reflecting the SS’s attention to detail and symbolism. Additionally, they paired the sword with an aluminum braid sword knot adorned with black SS runes on the stem, further emphasizing its association with the SS organization.

History of the SS-Ehrendegen

Peter Dan manufactured the SS-Ehrendegen, which was introduced in 1935.  Krebs firm in Solingen, Germany, renowned for its high-quality blades and craftsmanship. The sword quickly became a symbol of prestige.  And authority within the SS ranks, signifying rank and allegiance to the Nazi regime. Its introduction coincided with the SS’s increasing influence. And expansion under Heinrich Himmler, reflecting the organization’s emphasis on discipline, loyalty, and ideological purity.

Throughout its existence, the SS-Ehrendegen was primarily worn during ceremonial occasions.  And official SS events, enhancing the uniform’s ceremonial grandeur and reinforcing the SS’s image of power and authority. Its design and craftsmanship were intended to project an image of strength. And discipline, embodying the SS’s role as guardians of Nazi ideology and the regime’s policies.

Fascinating Facts about the SS-Ehrendegen

Fascinating Facts about the SS-Ehrendegen

Symbol of Authority: The SS-Ehrendegen was not merely a weapon but a symbol of authority and also allegiance to the SS. It represented the wearer’s commitment to the organization’s principles and their role within the Nazi hierarchy.

Craftsmanship and Design: Crafted with meticulous detail, the SS-Ehrendegen exemplified the SS’s emphasis on symbolism and presentation. They carefully designed each element, from the blade to the scabbard and hilt, to reflect SS values.  And enhance its ceremonial significance.

 Usage and Display: The sword was prominently displayed during SS ceremonies, parades.   And official gatherings, serving as a visual representation of SS power and discipline. Its presence underscored the SS’s commitment to maintaining order and loyalty within its ranks.

Legacy and Controversy: Presently, specimens of the SS-Ehrendegen can be considered as rather provocative relics of the Nazi Germany. They are also examined for historical and cultural purposes and examined in the association with the atrocities committed by the SS during the second world war. And the subject of debates on the importance of the portrayal of Nazism in today’s world and the role of artefacts in sending this message.


The significance of the SS and its connotation during the Third Reich still symbolizes through artifacts like the SS-Ehrendegen. This informs us about the SS as a paramilitary organization with the sole objective of promoting the Nazis’ agenda regarding discipline, loyalty, and symbolism. While it performed the function of the symbolizing authority of SS. And  it also acted as the material symbol of the impact and control the regime during one of the worst historical epochs.

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