Top 10 Famous Turkish Swords

The migration of the Turks from Asia to Eurasia and Anatolia significantly influenced sword designs across the Middle East. The swords they introduced had a lasting impact, shaping not only the region. But also reached Europe during the ascendancy of the Ottoman Empire, known for its distinctive Ottoman Sword. Armed with this weaponry, the Turks […]

10 Famous Deadliest Swords in the World and History

The Criteria: What Makes a Sword Deadly? Let’s talk about what makes a sword really powerful before we get into the list. It’s important to understand the criteria that determine a blade’s lethality. Things like the design of the blade, the materials used, its historical significance, and the stories connected to it all play crucial […]

Witcher’s Silver Sword in Real Life

Witcher's Silver Sword

Beautifully generated, the Geralt of Rivia Sword from The Witcher 3 embodies the very essence of the famous monster hunter. The beautifully crafted hilt of the Geralt of Rivia Sword from The Witcher 3. The features of runes and a wolf medallion, symbolize Geralt’s inclination toward the supernatural. This work of art perfectly captures the […]