Top Famous Wooden Swords for Martial Arts

Top Famous Wooden Swords for Martial Arts

Many martial artists who focus on the practice of sword usage make use of sham swords that are also made from wood but resemble the actual metal swords. These training weapons are also  very useful when applying different forms and techniques of the sword practices and makes the fight safer than using real metal swords. […]

The SS-Ehrendegen: A Symbol of SS Authority

The SS-Ehrendegen: A Symbol of SS Authority

The SS-Ehrendegen or SS Honour Sword or SS-Degen was the dress sword. And attached itself as an appendage to the SS uniform between 1935 and 1945. Karl Diebitsch, the personal artistic consultant to the SS chief, created the sword to convey the essence of the SS organization. Characteristics of the SS-Ehrendegen The SS-Ehrendegen featured a […]

“Boromir: A Standout Character in The Lord of the Rings

"Boromir: A Standout Character in The Lord of the Rings

Who is Boromir? Boromir, the eldest son of Denethor II, the last Ruling Steward of Gondor, is a key character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. He grew up in Minas Tirith, trained to be the Steward of Gondor, and was fascinated by Gondor’s history. After their mother, Finduilas, died when Boromir was […]

How Much Did Historical Swords Weigh?

Explore the varying weights of historical swords and their impact on combat effectiveness and warrior mobility.Medieval Swords

Introduction: How heavy were swords from the Middle Ages and Renaissance? This common question is easily answered by experts but remains a mystery for many. It is often difficult to determine the true weights of these historical swords since people spread a lot of misconceptions. The article under analysis is designed to give the reader […]

The Myth of the Sword in the Stone: Legend or Reality?

Delve into the enduring tale of the Sword in the Stone, exploring its origins and the debate between myth and reality.

One of the oldest symbols of might, strength and predestination whether the legend of King Arthur.  And the sword in the stone or modified to fit the medieval fantasy epic storey. Perhaps one of the most notable references of this symbol is from the legendary king of Britain, Arthur. In fact, is this applied version […]

How Sharp Were Swords in the Medieval Era?

Discover the truth about the sharpness of medieval swords and their practical use in combat during the Middle Ages.

Understanding the sharpness of medieval swords often sparks debates among enthusiasts and historians alike. Some claim these swords were akin to laser-edged razors, while others believe they were dull. Many assume the truth lies somewhere in between but are uncertain where exactly. Let’s delve into the evidence to shed light on this matter. The Elusive […]

Legendary Anime Swords: Icons of Power and Symbolism

Legendary Anime Swords: Icons of Power and Symbolism

Legendary Blades: Icons of Anime Lore Legendary swords are versatile and represent not only the weapons.  But also power, fame, and fate in the context of anime. Every one of them intertwines with the story plot to initiate heroic battles, dramatic personal transformations, and critical plot turns. An example of this is the Zanpakuto from […]

Seven-Branched Sword: Its Role in Ancient East Asian Rituals

Seven-Branched Sword: It’s Role in Ancient East Asian Rituals

Introduction Seven-Branched Sword: The Seven-Branched Sword, known as 七支刀 (Shichishitō) in Japanese, is a unique ceremonial sword that historians believe the king of Baekje, an ancient Korean kingdom, gave to a ruler in Japan. On the other hand,  the Nihon Shoki, an ancient Japanese historical record, mentions it during the fifty-second year of Empress Jingū’s […]

The Tragic Tale of the Baal Sword in Genshin Impact

Explore the Baal Sword's tragic legacy in Genshin Impact, marked by power, conflict, and the fate of Inazuma's rulers.

Introduction Genshin Impact, an anime-style RPG developed by Shanghai-based miHoYo, lets players gather characters and weapons to strengthen their accounts. In the game’s world, Teyvat, powerful gods called archons rule and protect their lands using special weapons. In the land of Inazuma, the Raiden Shogun wields the Baal sword, a katana that can summon lightning […]

Choosing the Perfect Metal for Sword Making

Selecting sword-making metals requires balancing strength, durability, flexibility, and edge retention for optimal performance and longevity.

Swords: A Historical Perspective Swords truly are an enigma, they have been a part of human existence for centuries.  And have had many uses including protection, hunting and  polyesterence.  The forging of a blade itself requires an extensive understanding of the materials, the process.   And the skills in metallurgy in order to fashion a weapon […]